Craft 2024 - Richard Feldman
Richard Feldman
Roc Language Creator at Zed
About Richard Feldman

Richard is the creator of the Roc programming language, the author of “Elm in Action” from Manning Publications, the host of the podcast Software Unscripted, and the instructor for several Frontend Masters workshops: Introduction to Elm, Advanced Elm, and Introduction to Rust. He currently works at Zed Industries on helping to make Zed the best code editor in the world.

Escape Hatch Pitfalls
Software Delivery Craft Matters
software development
Level: General
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Main Stage
May 31, 16:55 - 17:40 CET

"Just give me an escape hatch!" Sooner or later, almost all reusable code that tries to draw a hard abstraction boundary around implementation details ends up with a request for direct access to things that were designed to be hidden. There's some use case that doesn't quite work ergonomically - or at all - with the current interface, and the easiest solution is to offer an escape hatch that pokes...