Craft 2024 - Matt Welsh
Matt Welsh
Founder and Chief AI Nerd at
About Matt Welsh

Matt Welsh is the founder of Ziggylabs, a Seattle-based startup developing human-friendly AI tech. He was previously cofounder at Fixie, head of engineering at OctoML, a software engineer at Apple and, engineering director at Google, and a Professor of Computer Science at Harvard University. He holds a PhD from UC Berkeley.

Large Language Models and the End of Programming
Software Delivery Craft Matters
artificial intelligence
Level: General
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Main Stage
May 31, 09:10 - 10:10 CET

The field of Computer Science is headed for a major upheaval with the rise of large AI models, such as ChatGPT, that are capable of performing general-purpose reasoning and problem solving. We are headed for a future in which it will no longer be necessary to write computer programs. Rather, I believe that most software will eventually be replaced by AI models that, given an appropriate descriptio...