Craft 2024 - Jon Yablonski
Jon Yablonski
Senior Product Designer at Mixpanel
About Jon Yablonski

Jon Yablonski is a multi-disciplinary designer, speaker, writer, and digital creator based in Detroit metro. His passion is for designing digital tools that empower people and augment their abilities in order to achieve their goals. He’s had the opportunity to learn and grow from a variety of challenges throughout my career — from e-commerce platforms, mobile apps and internal products to HMI systems within state-of-the-art vehicle platforms.

Using Psychology to Build Better Products and Services
Software Delivery Craft Matters
Level: Beginner+
In schedule:
Pink Stage
May 31, 11:25 - 12:10 CET

An understanding of psychology—specifically the psychology behind how users behave and interact with digital interfaces—is perhaps the single most valuable non-design skill a designer can have. The most elegant design can fail if it forces users to conform to the design rather than working within the “blueprint” of how humans perceive and process the world around them. This talk dives into how des...