Craft 2024 - Jess Brock
Jess Brock
Dojo Coach, AI Guide, Speaker, Author at Consultant
About Jess Brock

Jess is a dynamic coach, technologist, speaker, and author with a wealth of experience in the software and data spaces since the mid-2000s, and recently in GenAI. Jess's diverse career journey has become one of her greatest strengths, enabling her to lead with empathy and real-world insight. She has been named an "immersive learning pioneer", and she's the proud author of "The Dojo Coach’s Pocket Guide."

Tales of Dojo Coaching
Software Delivery Craft Matters
agile development
empirical development
code quality
software development
self confidence
technical excellence
dependency management
vital skills
unlimited potential
Level: General
In schedule:
Orange Stage
May 31, 16:55 - 17:40 CET

Join Jess Brock, author of The Dojo Coach's Pocket Guide, as she shares her lessons and insights that can only be gained from getting down in the weeds with dozens of software teams and hundreds of learners from across the world.Why does she believe a team's truths reveal themselves when an engagement is accelerated?What growth is realistic in a dojo and what type of growth is not?How does she bui...