Craft 2024 - Irina Stanescu
Irina Stanescu
Founder @ The Caring Techie | Engineering Leader
About Irina Stanescu

With 14 years of experience building software products, Irina has done it all: from software engineering to tech leading and managing. She led numerous large cross-functional projects at Big Tech companies such as Google and Uber and dabbled into the startup world by being the first hire at a startup named Mnemonic.

Irina is now a leadership coach, course instructor content creator, and author of “The Caring Techie Newsletter” a Top Voice on LinkedIn.

Beyond Coding: IC Leadership Is Here To Stay
Software Delivery Craft Matters
vital skills
self confidence
technical excellence
unlimited potential
Level: General
In schedule:
Orange Stage
May 30, 10:50 - 11:35 CET

The idea that leadership is exclusive to management is a myth that we need to debunk once and for all.This session is about showing how individual contributors (ICs) at any level can lead through actions and influence, not titles. We'll break down what real leadership looks like, proving it's about problem-solving and the ability to guide others, no matter your job description.Join us to discover ...