Craft 2024 - Geoffrey Bache
Geoffrey Bache
Test Architect. at Toyota Material Handling
About Geoffrey Bache

Geoffrey Bache works for Toyota Material Handling as a Test Architect. He is the creator and lead maintainer of the open source tool TextTest since 2002. Geoffrey is an innovator in the space of automated testing and has spent much of his career architecting and implementing tests at the same time as developing world-class software systems for organizations including Boeing, Evry and now Toyota.

Get in control of your Microservices testing
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May 31, 10:30 - 12:10 CET

Do you have a microservices system with inadequate automated tests that is essential to your business? In order to get this situation under control, often there’s an initiative to improve the unit tests. This is a positive move, however in a microservices system a lot of the behaviour happens between the units and services. End-to-end automated tests can be more effective at finding bugs, but are ...