Craft 2024 - Einar Høst
Einar Høst
Special Advisor at Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration
About Einar Høst

Einar W. Høst is a socio-technical advisor at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. He enjoys collaborative modelling, API design and computer programming. Over the last ten years, he has done talks on a variety of topics, including hypermedia, resiliency, recursive art and lambda calculus. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oslo.

Agile and Architecture: a meeting of the undead
Software Delivery Craft Matters
software development
Level: General
In schedule:
Blue Stage
May 30, 14:55 - 15:40 CET

Twenty years ago, Architecture was murdered in its sleep by Agile, as part of the assassination plot against the arch-enemy Waterfall. Fast forward to today, and Agile isn't looking too healthy either: reduced to hollow-eyed cargo culting and pointless rituals, wading through the debris of methodology pop culture, or bloated to a monstrous parody of itself in order to scale. But death aside, they ...