Craft 2024 - David Khourshid
David Khourshid
Founder at
About David Khourshid

David is a software engineer who loves playing piano and is passionate about animations, state machines, cutting-edge user interfaces, and open-source. Previously at Microsoft, he is now the founder of, a startup focused on making even the most complex application logic visual and accessible to developers and non-developers alike.

Making state management intelligent
Software Delivery Craft Matters
artificial intelligence
Level: Intermediate
In schedule:
Purple Stage
May 30, 10:50 - 11:35 CET

Managing state is complicated. Humans are even more complicated. As developers, it's our job to deliver seamless and intuitive user experiences, but the sheer complexity of human behavior and the real world can make this a daunting task. In this talk, we'll explore a radical new approach to app development where language models (LLMs) and reinforcement learning (RL) can be used to handle app logic...