Craft 2024 - Daniel Whitenack
Daniel Whitenack
Founder and CEO at Prediction Guard
About Daniel Whitenack

Daniel Whitenack (aka Data Dan) is a Ph.D. trained data scientist and founder of Prediction Guard. He has more than ten years of experience developing and deploying machine learning models at scale, and he has built data teams at two startups and an international NGO with 4000+ staff. Daniel co-hosts the Practical AI podcast, has spoken at conferences around the world (ODSC, Applied Machine Learning Days, O’Reilly AI, QCon AI, GopherCon, KubeCon, and more), and occasionally teaches data science/analytics at Purdue University.

AI engineering with open access LLMs that lie, curse, and steal
Software Delivery Craft Matters
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Level: General
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Green Stage
May 30, 10:50 - 12:40 CET

If you are one of the 46% of AI Engineers preferring open source LLMs going in 2024, you might have discovered that these open models can be a bit like unruly children. There are moments of joy, when they are behaving appropriately, and then there are moments of horror, when they are lying (hallucinating), stealing (enabling privacy and security breaches), and/or generally behaving in ways that ha...