Craft 2024 - Barry O'Reilly
Barry O'Reilly
Founder at Black Tulip Technology
About Barry O'Reilly

Barry is a veteran Architect who has held Chief Architect positions at Microsoft among others. He has also been a startup CTO, the Worldwide Lead for the Solutions Architecture Community at Microsoft, and founder of the Swedish Azure User Group. He is also a PhD candidate in software design and complexity science.

An Introduction to Residuality Theory
Software Delivery Craft Matters
software architecture
technical excellence
Level: Intermediate
In schedule:
Main Stage
May 30, 11:55 - 12:40 CET

Residuality theory is a revolutionary new theory of software design that aims to make it easier to design software systems for complex business environments. Residuality theory models software systems as interconnected residues - an alternative to component and process modeling that uses applied complexity science to make managing uncertainty a fundamental part of the design process. ...