Craft 2024 - Ankur Patel
Ankur Patel
Founder and CEO at Multimodal
About Ankur Patel

Ankur A. Patel is an AI/ML founder, startup advisor, author, and speaker. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Multimodal, a technology company that is designing & developing generative AI to automate manual workflows for businesses.

Previously, Ankur was the co-founder and Head of ML at Glean AI, and prior the VP of Data Science at 7Park Data, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners. Ankur also ran data science in NYC for the Israeli AI firm ThetaRay, co-founded and ran a macro hedge fund, R-Squared Macro, was a Corporate Strategy Analyst at J.P. Morgan, and started his career as a fixed-income trader at Bridgewater.

Generative AI and Its Impact in the Workplace
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Generative AI and Its Impact in the WorkplaceAbstractThe keynote speech will discuss the potential benefits and challenges of using generative AI in the workplace. It will cover topics such as increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and reduced costs, as well as ethical concerns, security risks, and the potential loss of jobs. The speech will also provide best practices for implementing generativ...