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Dr. Angela Trego, PE, PMP
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About Dr. Angela Trego, PE, PMP

Dr. Angela Trego, PE, PMP provides training, consulting, and speaking focused in the areas of leadership and women in business.  She held technical and senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies and is an award-winning teacher.  Dr. Trego serves on several technical society advisory boards and non-profit executive boards.  She has two patents and over 90 publications.  Applying a strong technical background with leadership experiences around the globe and across multiple industries gives Angela a unique perspective. Above all, Angela is passionate about empowering others and teaching skills that will allow others to reach their full potential.  Additional information can be found on her website: 

SQUASHING THE IMPOSTOR SYNDROME: Culture, confidence and your unlimited potential
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imposter syndrome
self confidence
unlimited potential
vital skills
Level: General
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May 30, 11:55 - 12:40 CET

Many professionals suffer from impostor syndrome - a crippling anxiety that they are not “good enough” or “qualified enough” to do the job they currently have. This impacts individual, team, and organizational performance as fear of failure replaces confidence. This leads to increasingly “safe” choices that hinder innovation and output.  Through her own story as the sole female on a team...