Craft Conference is organized by Crafthub
A hub making knowledge available and helping tech crafters to continuously improve their skills. Today, this organization is a multifaceted IT event management company with a diverse portfolio of conferences, hackathons, developer competitions, meetups and workshops both online and offline.
Craft 2024 - Crafthub
Craft was founded in 2014 by
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Core team
Craft 2024 - Médea Baccifava
Médea Baccifava
CraftHub Founder, Sponsor Manager
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Craft 2024 - Károly Varga
Károly Varga
CraftHub Founder, Project Owner
Craft 2024 - Vanda Széplaki
Vanda Széplaki
Head of Events
Craft 2024 - Marcell Maráczi
Marcell Maráczi
Junior Sales Manager
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Craft 2024 - Csenger W. Nagy
Csenger W. Nagy
Customer Success Coordinator
Craft 2024 - Dávid Komáromi
Dávid Komáromi
Sales Coordinator
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Craft 2024 - Marcell Kovács
Marcell Kovács
Sales Coordinator
Craft 2024 - Rebeka Surányi
Rebeka Surányi
Speaker & Workshop Coordinator
Craft 2024 - Anna Bozó
Anna Bozó
Sales Coordinator
Craft 2024 - Viktória Bicskei
Viktória Bicskei
Junior Marketing Manager
Craft 2024 - Bálint Kővári
Bálint Kővári
Marketing Coordinator
Craft 2024 - Barbara Kocsó
Barbara Kocsó
Graphic Designer
Programme committee
Craft 2024 - Gergely Hodicska
Gergely Hodicska
CraftHub Founder, Expert Lead
Craft 2024 - Llewellyn Falco
Llewellyn Falco
Agile Coach at Consultant
Craft 2024 - Levente Takács
Levente Takács
Team Lead at Mito