Micro Frontends - From Zero to Hero

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Level: General


  1. Block 1: Architectures 

    1. Web Approach 

    2. Server-Side Composition 

    3. Client-Side Composition 

    4. Siteless UIs 

  2. Block 2: Tooling for SPA Micro Frontends 

    1. Web Components 

    2. Single SPA 

    3. Module Federation 

    4. Piral 

  3. Block 3: Modularization 

    1. Domain Decomposition 

    2. Dependency Graphs 

    3. Import maps and SystemJS

    4. UX Scaling 

  4. Block 4: Development Concerns 

    1. App Shell Model 

    2. Emulator Distribution

    3. Performance Considerations

    4. E2E Testing 


  1. Installed applications: git, Node.js (minimum: v12, recommended: v16) some IDE (recommended: VS Code) 

  2. Knowledge in HTML and CSS (basics) 

  3. Adept in JavaScript 

Craft 2023 - Florian Rappl
Florian Rappl
Solutions Architect at smapiot GmbH

Dr. Florian Rappl is Solutions Architect for IoT and distributed web applications at smapiot. His main interest lies in the creation of innovative architectures that scale in development and usage. He won several prizes for his work and is a Microsoft MVP in the area of developer technologies. He regularly blogs and writes articles for popular magazines and websites in the web development space....