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What comes after Management 3.0, SAFe, Holacracy, and the Spotify Model? Well, it’s not hard to see in which direction the world is moving: organizations that consist of networked individuals who work from anywhere, who form teams on the fly, who focus on the customer experience (CX), who aim for objectives and achieve results, and make that a whole lotta fun for themselves. Let’s unfix our organizations!

The unFIX model is a pattern library that helps you with versatile organization design. Unlike many agile scaling frameworks and self-management methods, unFIX has its focus on continuous innovation and the human experience. It facilitates gradual change, dynamic teams, and an important role to play for managers.

Craft 2023 - Jurgen Appelo
Jurgen Appelo
Owner at Happy Melly
Craft 2023 - Happy Melly

I am an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer pioneering leadership to help innovative businesses survive and thrive in the 21st century. I offer concrete games, tools, and practices so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers....