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CraftHub Main Stage
May 19, 11:25 - 12:10 CET
Towards Architecture Organization Topologies for Sustainable Fast Flow of Change
Software Delivery Craft Matters
organization design
team topologies
Level: General

In this talk, I will discuss several ideas around a concept I am calling "Architecture Organization Topologies", or "Architecture Topologies" for short ( The focus is developing models and practices for organizations to improve their learning, design, and decision-making approaches and structures.

I will explain how architecture topologies can help organizations to achieve a more sustainable fast flow of change. We will explore essential dimensions organizations must consider to understand and improve their architecture topologies. Additionally, I will share examples of how these changes can be implemented and contribute to responding better to dynamic environments.

It's important to note that such changes will take time to happen. Still, I will share experiences demonstrating how applying Architecture Topologies can create better conditions for organizations to adapt to changing circumstances. My goal with this concept is to encourage people to embrace the idea that learning, design, and decision-making approaches will and should evolve over time.

Craft 2023 - Eduardo da Silva
Eduardo da Silva
Independent consultant on sociotechnical systems evolution, architecture, and leadership at

Eduardo da Silva is an independent consultant in sociotechnical systems evolution, architecture, and leadership. He also is a Team Topologies Valued Practitioner (TTVP). His work focuses on helping tech-enabled organizations find strategies, structures, and operating models to achieve and scale a sustainable fast flow of change. He takes a sociotechnical systems’ framing, considering org/people, t...