Craft 2023 - Sven Peters
Sven Peters
DevOps Advocate at Atlassian
About Sven Peters

Sven Peters, DevOps advocate at Atlassian, has been studying trends in software development for the last 15 years uncovering the cultural and technical attributes to help development teams work effectively and drive innovation. He has 20 years experience in writing code, leading teams, and sharing his experience with thousands of developers at uncountable conferences in 25+ countries.

Developer Joy – How great teams get s%*t done
Software Delivery Craft Matters
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Level: General
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Orange Stage
May 18, 14:55 - 15:40 CET

Software development has become more complex over the years: Building and running a distributed architecture in the cloud, ensuring observability, discussing user experience with design and product, and keeping a healthy balance between dev speed and code quality isn’t easy. Just be agile and practice DevOps, they say.Join Sven and learn how great software teams measure and improve their developer...