Craft 2023 - Krisztian Fekete
Krisztian Fekete
Field Engineer at
About Krisztian Fekete

Krisztian is enthusiastic about observability and cloud infrastructures. He's now working at as an engineer. Previously, he was working at LastPass as senior DevOps/SRE engineer. Krisztian is building a self hosted blog on top of Istio in his spare time. The main topics of the blog are aligned with his interests while he is also using the platform to share operational anecdotes on running one of the most "over-engineered" blog out there.

Application Networking Foundations Workshop with eBPF, Cilium, Envoy, and Istio
Level: General
May 16

The landscape for connecting, securing, and observing cloud-native applications continues to evolve rapidly. The purpose of this workshop is to equip engineers with a foundational understanding of the most influential building blocks in today’s application networking space.Each individual session in the workshop focuses on a particular technology with a focus on hands-on learning through installat...