Craft 2023 - Frederic Branczyk
Frederic Branczyk
CEO and Founder at Polar Signals
About Frederic Branczyk

Frederic is the founder of Polar Signals. Before founding Polar Signals he was a senior principal engineer and the main architect for all things Observability at Red Hat, which he joined through the CoreOS acquisition. Frederic is a Prometheus and Thanos maintainer and tenured as the tech lead for the special interest group for instrumentation in Kubernetes for 4 years. In his previous life, he was a security researcher working on key management solutions as well as intrusion detection systems. When not working on software Frederic enjoys obsessing over brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

Lesson's Learned Optimizing Performance of Go Code
Level: Beginner
In schedule:
Orange Stage
May 18, 16:55 - 17:40 CET