Craft Conference

An international, festival-like conference about software delivery craft along with CraftHack hackathon

Budapest, Hungary
May 18-19, 2023
More than a conference...

Craft Conference is an international festival-like tech event in the heart of Europe, Hungary. It combines talk sessions, workshops and a hackathon where attendees can learn about the latest tools, methods and practices of software craft. An event that serves as a compass on new technologies and trends in software delivery provided by the greatest experts from all over the world.

  • Inspiratonal talks

    Learn from the greatest experts who tell you about the latest trends and best practices in software delivery. This year we have speakers coming from companies like Google, Spotify, Netflix, Tesla or Apple.

  • Deepen your knowledge

    Besides the talk sessions, we also have many workshop possibilites on different levels to get deeper in a specific topic in software development. You can find topics like software architecture for developers, microservices, or tech leadership.

  • Innovative ideas

    This year's CraftHack hackathon is going to be organized at the same time and venue as Craft Conference. Meet the youngest talents in the tech industry and join their pitching ceremony to hear the most innovative solutions to challenges.


Meet our amazing speakers at Craft in 2023 and learn about their fascinating experience in the world of software developing!

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Who is it for?

Craft Conference creates a place for Software Engineers, Software Developers, System Engineers, Full Stack Developers, Cloud Engineers, Team Leaders, Software Architects.

2022 in numbers
Craft 2023 - Tesco Technology
Craft 2023 - Continental
Craft 2023 - Bosch
Craft 2023 - EPAM
Craft 2023 - AdNovum
Craft 2023 - Diligent
Craft 2023 - Formlabs
Craft 2023 - Google
Craft 2023 - Marshmallow
Craft 2023 - Morgan Stanley
Craft 2023 - SAP
Craft 2023 - SEON
Craft 2023 - Shapr3D
Craft 2023 - WorldQuant
Craft 2023 - Bitrise
Craft 2023 - BlackRock
Craft 2023 - Cloudera
Craft 2023 - Ericsson
Craft 2023 - greehill
Craft 2023 - Hearsay
Craft 2023 - Mergify
Craft 2023 - MSCI
Craft 2023 - Transcend
Craft 2023 - Wise
Craft 2023 - Tresorit
Craft 2023 - Ambassador
Craft 2023 - Architectis
Craft 2023 - Camunda
Craft 2023 - Chameleon
Craft 2023 - Chronoshpere
Craft 2023 - CircleCI
Craft 2023 - Empathy Software
Craft 2023 - SQUER
Craft 2023 - Tetrate
Craft 2023 - Upbound
Professional Partner
Craft 2023 - ContactOut
Craft 2023 - Unite AI
Craft 2023 - ApiumHub
Craft 2023 - 6x6 Taxi
Craft 2023 - ApiX-Drive
Craft 2023 - CioApplications
Craft 2023 - DevITJobs
Craft 2023 - IVSZ
Craft 2023 - Kube Careers
Craft 2023 - Kube Events
Craft 2023 - Stickermule
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